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Archelaus Stanley Martin was born in Athens County, Ohio, on 2 November 1833.  He was the ninth and youngest child of John and Sarah (Stanley) Martin.  Archelaus's parents took him to Coles County, Illinois, about 1837, when they moved there along with most of his siblings.  He was only 12 when his father passed away in 1846, leaving him, essentially, as the "man of the house."  (His older brothers had all married and moved out by then, though three of them lived nearby.)

In the 1850 census of Coles County, New Albany Precinct, Archelaus is the only child remaining in the home with Sarah.  His age is shown as 17 there, though he should have been only 16 as of the census enumeration date of June 1.  Listed either on the same census page or the one just preceding are the families of Ambrose Martin, John Martin, Jr., and Lucinda Martin VanNess.

Photo of Archelaus and Harriett Martin

Archelaus and Harriett Martin

Archelaus married (1) Harriett Phipps at Tuscola, Coles County, on 7 August 1853, although the on-line Illinois Marriage Index gives a date nine days earlier (29 July).  Harriett, born 28 April 1836 in Parke County, Indiana, was the daughter of George and Permelia (Landers) Phipps.

The Iowa state census of 1856 finds Archelaus, his wife Harriett, and their two oldest children residing in Scott Township of Fremont County, Iowa.  They are listed immediately above the family of Archelaus's sister, Lucinda VanNess, on the same census page.  The 1860 census similarly places them adjacent to the VanNesses, though now in Ross Township rather than Scott (which may reflect a realignment of township lines, rather than a move).  Archelaus's brother Isaac Martin and his sister Sarah Jones are nearby in Sidney Township.

When the Civil War broke out, Archelaus (along with his brother-in-law Moses VanNess and his nephew Joseph W. Martin) signed up for service in the local militia known as the Southern Border Brigade.

Archelaus and Harriett seem to have been overlooked by the 1870 census.  The 1880 census shows them still in Fremont County, in Sidney Township.  There they remained for the rest of their lives, or nearly so.  Harriett passed away 28 May 1894 and was buried at Mount Zion CemeteryThe Fremont County Sun published only a short notice of her passing.

Archelaus and Harriett were parents to 13 children:

  1. Mary M. Martin, 1854-1931 (married George C. Laird).
  2. Sarah P. Martin, 1855-1936 (married Edward Thomas Goode).
  3. Louisa Ida Martin, 1857-1924 (married (1) Joseph Warren Smalley and (2) William B. Hunter).
  4. William Henry Martin, 1859-1935 (married Dora Alice Hatch).
  5. Unknown son? *
  6. Emma F. Martin, 1862-1883.
  7. Archelaus Stanley Martin, Jr., 1864-1909 (married Wilhelmina Margaret Bugher).
  8. John Curtis Martin, 1866-1926 (married Mrs. Ida Rebecca (Raph) Dalton).
  9. Harriett S. (Hattie) Martin, 1868-1886.
  10. Frank Vernon Martin, 1870-1940 (married Hattie Emma Longinaker).
  11. Fred Hutchison Martin, 1872-1948 (married Eva Lena Young).
  12. Olla M. Martin, 1874-1875.
  13. George J. Martin, 1877-1942 (married Mabel C. Kuhns).

Archelaus married (2) Mrs. Maggie E. (Noyes) Marshall in Sidney, Iowa, on 24 July 1898.  She had been born in December 1862 in Adams County, Illinois, and was the daughter of Evan A. and Deantha (Stephens) Noyes.  She had previously married J.D. Marshall at Glenwood, Mills County, Iowa, 8 Dec 1888.  I have been unable to learn what became of him (death, divorce?).  It seems that Maggie and Archelaus soon separated, as the 1900 Census finds him (recorded as "Archilis") living in a boarding house in Delta County, Colorado, while Maggie Martin resides in Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska with a 10-year-old daughter, "Inez Martin" (should be Winona Inez Marshall).

Archelaus had returned to Iowa by the time he passed away on 18 January 1902.  He was buried alongside of his first wife, Harriett, at Mount Zion Cemetery.  His obituary makes no mention of his second wife, although Maggie continued to use the name Martin for the rest of her life.  Washington State death records show that Margaret E. Martin (née Noyes) passed away on 5 June 1939 in Anacortes, Skagit County, Washington.

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*According to Archelaus's obituary, he and Harriett were the parents of seven sons and six daughters. From all available census records, cemetery inscriptions, obituaries, and Archelaus's will, I am able to identify only six sons. Hence, there must have been one additional son, who probably did not live long enough to be recorded in a census. Furthermore, a 1909 obituary of Archelaus Jr. states that he was "the third son of A. S. and Harriett Martin." So far, though, I have identified only one son older than Archelaus Jr., so the "missing" son must have been born before him — most likely in the 3-year gap between William and Emma.