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Lucinda (Martin) Barnett, the tenth child of John Martin, Jr., and Mary Ann (Wheeler) Martin, was born 12 Feb 1858 at Camargo, Illinois (which was then part of Coles County but was included in Douglas County in 1859).  On 15 April 1874, she married James Barnett, Jr.1  He had been born 11 April 1845 at Indianola, Vermilion County, Illinois, the son of James and Roseanna (Neal) Barnett.

Lucinda's obituary 
                      from the Danville Daily News

After marriage, James and Lucinda settled down on the Barnett homestead in Indianola, where they apparently had a very comfortable life.  (See description in the 1889 bio of James Barnett.)  In 1878, however, they moved to Ionia, Jewell County, Kansas, reportedly for the sake of Lucinda’s health, and they were living there at the time of the 1880 census (in which Lucinda was mistakenly listed as Louiza).  By the time their daughter Elgie was born, in 1884, they had returned to Indianola, and they remained there the rest of their lives.

James and Lucinda were the parents of six children (all born in Illinois except for Pearl, who was born in Kansas):

  • Rose Agnes Barnett, 1875–1947 (married Elza Blaine Willison).
  • Wilber James Barnett, 1877–1959 (married Jessie McKee).
  • Pearl A. Barnett, 1879–1957 (married Henry Clay Hildreth).
  • Elgie Edith Barnett, 1884–1960 (married David John Ward).
  • Glen Wood Barnett, 1887–1912 (never married).
  • Ralph R. Barnett, 1893–1947 (married Love Worthington).

Lucinda passed away in Indianola on 8 February 1898, just four days before her 40th birthday.  See her obituary at right.  James lived on 18 more years, until 20 March 1916.  Both are buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in Vermilion County.

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  1. Although Lucinda and three of her sisters all married men named Barnett, it's interesting to note that none of these men were brothers; all had different parents. It's likely they were all cousins, though, descended from various sons of George and Delilah (Davis) Barnett. Moreover, three of them (those who married Susanna, Nancy, and Mary) may have been double cousins, as they all had mothers who had had the maiden name of Yarnell.