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Joseph Martin, the third child of John Martin, Jr., and Mary Ann (Wheeler) Martin, was born about 1841 at Camargo, Illinois (which was then part of Coles County but was included in Douglas County in 1859).

Very little else is known about Joseph.  The 1850 census shows 8-year-old Joseph in his parents household.  He was still in the household in 1860, although the family members’ ages and genders are strangely mixed up in that census listing (e.g., Joseph’s father John is listed as an 11-year-old girl).  My interpretation is that Joseph’s age on this list (shown as 10) was switched with the age of his little brother Isaac (shown as 19).

Joseph’s name appears on a Civil War draft registration list dated 20 June 1863, where his age is listed as 22.  The form notes that Joseph had already served 6 months of military service prior to that date, although I have not found him listed on any military unit’s roster.

A family data sheet received from the late William Clifford Martin (a grandson of Joseph’s brother John) shows that Joseph married a Susan Wilson.  If so, that must have been after 1863, as the draft registration list mentioned above showed Joseph to be unmarried at that time.  I have not found any other record of this marriage.

I have found no record of Joseph in the 1870 census or any subsequent censuses.  A biographical sketch of his brother Levi, published in 1910, states that Joseph “died in Kansas,” though it gives no more specific location or even an approximate date.  I have found no death or burial records for Joseph.  He might have died anytime after 1863, but all we know for sure is that he died sometime before 1910.

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