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Jane Martin Humphrey, the third child of Isaac and Mary (Irwin) Martin, was born 6 Nov 1833 in Meigs County, Ohio.  At about the age of 3, she moved with her family to the area of Camargo, Illinois, which was then Coles County but is now in Douglas County.  Then when she was 9, the family moved on to Holt County, Missouri.  There in Holt County, she married Ambrose W. Humphrey on 19 June 1851.

Ambrose was the son of William H. and Anna (Bellows) Humphrey.  He also had been born in Meigs County, Ohio, about 1820, and was still living near there (specifically in Athens County) at the time of the 1850 census.  I don’t know whether it was just by coincidence that he found his way to Holt County, Missouri, the following year or whether he had been acquainted with the Martins in Meigs County years before and specifically followed them to Missouri.  While in Ohio, he had been married, in 1845, to Harriet F. Camp, but she had died in childbirth in August 1849, and her infant daughter also had not survived the birth.

Various censuses describe Ambrose’s occupation as a cabinet maker (1850), a carpenter (1856, 1860), and a farmer (1870, 1880).

In 1852, Ambrose and Jane moved to Fremont County, Iowa, along with Jane’s parents and all of her siblings.  The History of Fremont County, Iowa (p. 450) shows that Ambrose was serving as a Justice of the Peace there at the time of the 1852 Presidential election.  The special Iowa census of 1856 shows Ambrose, Jane, and their two oldest children living in the same household with Isaac and Mary Martin.  In the 1860 U.S. census, Ambrose and Jane have their own household but apparently still live close to Jane’s parents and siblings (who occupy the very next household listed in the census).  They all lived then in Sidney Township of Fremont County.

The Humphreys remained in Fremont County throughout the Civil War.  Many of their relatives and friends fought in that conflict, including two young men — Irwin Mooney and Abner Reeves — who had been residing in the Humphreys' household at the time of the 1860 census.  Irwin Mooney died during his service.  Ambrose himself enlisted in the local militia known as the Southern Border Brigade, in 1862.

By 1870, Ambrose and Jane had moved across the Missouri River to Richardson County, Nebraska, along with most of Jane’s original family.  They apparently lived south of Falls City, close to all three of Jane’s brothers and their families, while Jane’s parents and her two youngest sisters lived together a couple of miles north of Falls City.

The Federal census of 1880 and the Nebraska State census of 1885 both show Ambrose and Jane and their two youngest children still living in Falls City Precinct of Richardson County.  Fifteen years later, however, the 1900 census shows Jane, now a widow, living with her daughter Anna and Anna’s husband, Charles Pace, in Delta County, Colorado.

I have not found any record of when and where Ambrose died.  Surprisingly, he is listed in the Kansas state census of 1895, living in Norton County, Kansas, in a household with his brother S.B. (Samuel) Humphrey and his nephew J.S. (John) Humphrey.  Neither Jane nor any of Ambrose’s children are listed with him.  Inasmuch as the 1900 census shows Jane as a widow, Ambrose must have died sometime between 1895 and 1900.

The community where Jane lived in Delta County was later incorporated as the town of Paonia.  She would not have been lonely there, as many of her Martin relatives were in the area at the same time, including her brothers John and Joseph Martin and her sisters Susannah Wilson, Mary Rhine, and Lucinda Crook.  Jane remained in Paonia the rest of her days.  She passed away 28 Jan 1924 and is buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery at Paonia, side-by-side with her sister Susanna Wilson.

The following children were born to Ambrose and Jane:

  • Jeremiah F. Humphrey, 1852 – 1936 (married Flora E. Hammond).
  • Mary Louise Humphrey, 1855 – 1879 (married David L. Anderson).
  • Joseph William Humphrey, 1866 – 1962 (married Elizabeth Dorothea Roeber).
  • Anna L. Humphrey, 1870 – 1906 (married Charles Wesley Pace, Jr.).

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